Friday, October 16, 2009

Thai Navy Buys Embraer Jet

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Thai Navy Buys Embraer Jet

By Wendell Minnick

Taipei - The Royal Thai Navy has signed a contract with Embraer to buy its second ERJ 135 jet. Added to the other two orders made by the Royal Thai Army, this is the fourth aircraft acquired by the Thai government in less than two years; all of the aircraft are the long-range version.

"This acquisition is included in Embraer's firm order backlog for the third quarter of 2009," Embraer said in a news release.

The first deal between Embraer and the Thai government was announced in November 2007 and involved two aircraft, one each for the Thai Army and Navy. Both were delivered in late 2008. Early this year, Embraer announced the acquisition of a second ERJ 135 by the Thai Army.

"As in the previous contracts, this new contract with the Navy includes a logistical package and provisions for a Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) installation kit."

Thailand is the first military operator in Southeast Asia to use the ERJ 135, which is largely a civilian aircraft but has been modified for the military.

"In the defense segment, this platform has efficiently performed government transportation and medical evacuation missions for Belgium, Brazil, Greece, India and Nigeria," the news release said.

"We are honored by the choice of the Royal Thai Navy to acquire a second ERJ 135 jet, confirming the suitability of this aircraft model to the needs of Thailand's armed forces, and shows the confidence that they have in Embraer's products in the official transportation segment," said Acir Padilha, Embraer vice president, Marketing and Sales - Defense Market.

"As a result, we are gradually increasing and consolidating our presence in Thailand."