Sunday, April 22, 2012

Singapore Expands Into Cyber Defense Business

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Singapore Expands Into Cyber Defense Business 
By Wendell Minnick 
TAIPEI, Taiwan — ST Electronics, one of four principal subsidiaries of Singapore Technologies (ST) Engineering Ltd., is expanding into the cyber defense market. The new product line is designed as part of ST Electronics’ comprehensive cyber defense framework, which is built on protection, detection, response and recovery. 
ST Electronics took the knowledge and experience it garnered from providing encryption solutions to the Singapore government, military and security industries to create a wide range of new products and solutions now available for the international market. 
ST Electronics created a new subsidiary, ST Electronics Info-Security Pte. Ltd. (STEE-InfoSec), to provide hardware products to defend against cyber attacks and protect networks under the DigiSAFE name brand. STEE-InfoSec, previously known as DigiSAFE Pte. Ltd., specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of information assurance products for the protection of data in motion, data at rest and digital authentication. 
“Our protective approach to cyber defense emphasizes the discovery of vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the systems before hackers do,” said Goh Eng Choon, general manager of STEE-InfoSec. 
Goh said the company provides a wide range of cyber defense solutions and services that can be adopted in phases or in parallel to help customers enhance their cyber defense posture. 
The company’s key technology focus includes communication security, network security, PC security and secure applications. These include disk encryptors and network encryptors for both Ethernet and Internet connections. Crypt products include KeyCrypt (USB Authentication Token), NetProtect Mobile, DiskCrypt Mobile, PhoneCrypt and FaxCrypt. 
DiskCrypt Mobile and DiskCrypt both won the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations Design and Engineering Award in 2010 and 2012, respectively, at the CES convention in Las Vegas. 
However, since it is almost impossible to have “zero vulnerability or a foolproof system,” the capability has to go beyond protection and detection and cover response and recovery of compromised systems, Goh said. 
The company provides security operation centers for around-the-clock security monitoring and advisory services, security incident and event correlation tools, and threat and incident management. 
“Through our team of skilled cybersecurity architects, consultants and engineers, we can help organizations build large cyber defense systems such as secure government and enterprise networks, public key infrastructures, cyber test ranges and cyber security operations centers,” Goh said. 
In addition, the company provides customized training and simulation solutions that allow customers to simulate cyber networks and conduct training and exercises for cyber defenders, Goh said. “Our consultants also provide professional penetration testing to actively probe systems and incident handling and forensics to investigate any security breaches.”

Goh believes in a holistic approach that includes trained people, good processes and the right technologies to ensure that the best security technologies are well-deployed and operated to keep attackers out.

ST Electronics also created a subsidiary under STEE-InfoSec, DataMark Technologies Pte. Ltd., as a technology provider of patented digital watermarking technologies and solutions for imaging. Using a suite of StegMark imaging solutions, DataMark provides protection to address copyright and fingerprint issues. The watermarks are imperceptible to the human eye and can only be detected through the use of certain algorithms.

Digital watermarking technology has many applications in media security and image forensics that have been used to watermark documents, photos and videos used for law enforcement, insurance, media and news, Goh said.

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