Tuesday, September 15, 2009

S.Korea To Buy British-Built Rescue Minisub



S.Korea To Buy British-Built Rescue Minisub


The South Korean Navy will buy a new rescue mini-submarine from United Kingdom-based James Fisher Defence for $19.6 million.

The craft, designated DSAR-5, will be based on the LR-5 submersible used by the British Royal Navy. Fisher Defence will provide training for pilots and maintenance crews on the new vehicle, which will be able to carry 16 submariners up to decompression facilities on the mother ship.

James Fisher Defence has built a close relationship with the South Korean Navy, which already owns a 21.4-ton LR-5K rescue vehicle, which can rescue 10 submariners.

“Our success in winning the contract to supply the new submarine rescue vehicle to the Republic of Korea Navy is testament to the design and build capability of James Fisher Defence and the unrivalled reputation of our operations team,” Managing Director Simon Harris said in a company statement. “We look forward to working closely with the Koreans and delivering a world-leading rescue submersible.”

Since 1992, Korea has fielded eight Changbogo-class diesel-electric attack submarines (Type 209/1200), built by Daewoo Heavy Industries, to monitor coastal areas for infiltration by North Korean submarines and other vessels.